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1. Do you know your role and what it is expected from you?

2. Do you know the role of the other people in your team and what it is expected from them?

3. Are you happy with your role and responsibilities?

4. Are the rest of the team members happy with their roles and responsibilities?

5. Do you think that the team members are capable of changing roles depending on the team needs?

6. Do you feel that the whole team is responsible for the output or do you think that each one is responsible for their own tasks?

Skills and Knowledge

7. Do you have the skills and knowledge required from your role and responsibilities?

8. Do the team members collectively have the skills and knowledge required for the team goals/purpose?

9. What do you think about the skills of the people in your team?


10. Are the team goals and purpose clear to you?

11. Do you think that all team members have a clear understanding of team goals?

12. Do you have small short-term personal targets that will lead to the completion of the team goals?

13. Do you think that team goals are important?

14. In terms of Goals what do you see most?

15. Are your targets...

16. Are the team goals...


17. May any team member lead the team in case of a need, new phase, new issue etc. or is leadership the job of one man all the time?

18. Do you feel that everyone participates in leadership?

19. Do you think that the team leader listens to everyone and really evaluates the feedback for decision making?

20. Most of the times, are decisions based on knowledge and evidence or instinct and assumptions?


21. Do you trust team members?

22. Do you think that everyone in the team trusts you?

Work Place

23. Does your workplace provide the proper technology needed for your tasks?

24. Do you use a knowledge management system?

25. Do you use an information sharing system?

26. Do you think you work in an environment that enhances creativity and innovation?

27. Do you think that there is positive atmosphere in your team that makes people willing to work in this team?

28. Does the management allow a team to be self-managed (the team has been assigned a goal but it's up to the team how they will complete it)?

29. Can the team change the location, hours or tools of work?

30. Does your team have a budget for their project - work that they can decide how to handle?


31. Is there clear and open communication to the whole team?

32. Is it easy for the team members to communicate?

33. Is team communication frequent?

34. Do all team members appreciate feedback and act after examining feedback?

35. Do team members often provide proper and honest feedback easily?


36. Do you think the conflicts in your team are constructive?

37. Do you solve the conflict before it creates personal antipathy and damages team morale?

38. How do you solve the conflict?


39. Does your team use specific methodologies for managing and working on tasks/activities?

40. Does your team set its own performance measurement system (KPIs)?

41. Is your team regularly evaluated as a whole?

42. Do individual members evaluate each other on a regular basis?

Team Size

43. What is the size of your team (how many people)?

Personal Development

44. Do you think that the work in this team adds something to your personal skills/knowledge?

45. Do you think that all team members get something that will help them in their future professional or personal life?


46. Do you feel in your team that the problem of the one is a problem of all?

47. Do you feel that the team supports you?

48. Does your team solve team issues internally or do you need external assistance?

49. In general, are you happy working with this team?

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