Orange Team Evaluation Tool

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1. Do you know your role and what it is expected from you?

2. Do you feel that the whole team is responsible for the output or do you think that each one is responsible for their own tasks?

Skills and Knowledge

3. Do you have the skills and knowledge required from your role and responsibilities?


4. Are the team goals and purpose clear to you?

5. Are your targets...


6. Do you think that the team leader listens to everyone and really evaluates the feedback for decision making?

Work Place

7. Does your workplace provide the proper technology needed for your tasks?


8. Is there clear and open communication to the whole team?


9. How do you solve the conflict?


10. Does your team use specific methodologies for managing and working on tasks/activities?

11. Is your team regularly evaluated as a whole?

Team Size

12. What is the size of your team (how many people)?


13. In general, are you happy working with this team?

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